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my friends tank just got ick, and he has a flame scallop an anenome and a cleaner shrimp he wants to let me hold them in a spare tank of mine. ok the question do invertabrates get ick? would it be bad for me to put them in my tank?


Yeah, Spanko's right, but still the ick would be in your system either way, but yeah, with the 5g you probably want to set it up by filling it up with some of your main tank water and have identical perimeters, then, get the animals and give them a preventive bath with something like methylene blue, then acclimate them to the 5g since perimeters are the same and keep them in there for observation


Don't dip the inverts. Methylene blue is harmful to them. Be sure that there is a heater and a power head in the 5 gallon as well as enough light. Leave them in there for three weeks. Ich has to have a fish to feed from or it will die.


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Question Sep, why only 3 weeks?
Ich takes roughly two and a half weeks to complete the life cycle without the presence of fish. Any ich present on the inverts have already fed and dropped off of the fish. They are at the reproduction stage. They will reproduce and need a host to feed from. They have to find the host within hours to survive.


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Gottcha, so the six week rule for a fallow tank is only for one that has had fish in it with Ich that have been taken out for treatment elsewhere?