Need Help, I think I have zoa pox


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I noticed some of my zoanthids where not open, when I went to take a closer look this is what I found. Is it pox? If so can I save them and how?



Taken from another site:
Furan-2 tablets are effective against a wide variety of gram positive and gram negative bacterial diseases for freshwater and saltwater fish. This medication will cause a harmless green color in the aquarium, which can be removed with activated carbon. This medication can be used in conjunction with Aquarium Pharmaceuticals anti-parasitic medications. This medication will not harm the biological filter in fresh or saltwater aquariums.
For treatment of: Dropsy, furunculosis, gill disease, fin and tail rot and black molly disease.
Instructions (as per the manufacture):
Use one capsule for every 10 gallons of aquarium water
Wait 24 hours and repeat dose
Wait another 24 hours and make a 25% water change
Repeat this treatment for a second time for a total of 4 doses of Furan-2
Make a final 25% water change and add fresh activated carbon
Repeat if necessary
Each capsule of Furan-2 contains:
60mg Nitrofurazone
25mg Furazolidone
2mg Methylene Blue Trihydrate
Additional requirements for treatment:
1 cup of RO water
1 capsule of Furan
1 extra cup of Aquarium Water (this is used to wash the Zoanthids after the treatment and before they are put back into your Aquarium; I do this because I don't want to risk Furan killing any of my fish or other corals).*
*Note: Through my experiment I found out that even if you don't wash your Zoanthid before putting it back into the main tank, it will not hurt any live stock or corals, (I have tested this on my own). But I'm washing it anyway just to be on the safe side. ( notes: t is always a good idea to target treat infected animals vs. a global tank treatment when possible!)
PH, Temp, and Salinity Level:
Make sure you match the temp, pH, and salinity level of your RO water to your current tank before the treatment.
place 1 capsule into the RO cup and mix it good until the RO water turns green. Put the zoa in the Furan mix and leave it for xxx minutes. I recommend at least 15 min but not more than 30 min.
After the treatment, wash the zoas in your tank water on the other cup you had put aside. Then put the zoas back in the tank where there is a stronger flow.
*Note: Your zoa will have a green dye to its body but it is fine. The green dye should fade away in a day or two.
Do 3 treatments in a row then let it rest for 4-7 days; depending on the condition of your Zoanthids. If the ZoaPox is still on the Zoanthids then continue with another three treatments. But make sure you let it rest 4-7 days after every 3 treatments.
Keep in mind; during the treatment I slowly increase my temp from 78 to 81-82. Furan works best in higher heat. But I would not go over 82. In freshwater I bump it up to 84-86 for Furan treatment against fungus.
Water Changes:
I also increase my water changes from 5 gal per week to 10 gal every 3 days. (This is in a 75G tank.)
*Note: I did another test on the effectiveness of water change. With water changes my Zoanthids seem to recover quicker. On the other hand, Zoanthids that receive no water changes still recover, but it just takes longer.
Recommended Instructions for long-term treatment of ZoaPox:
1st WEEK
Day 1: 1st treatment started with 20 min dip
Day 2: 2nd treatment started with 20 min dip
Day 3: 3rd treatment started with 20 min dip
Let the colony rest for 1 week
*Note: If your Zoanthid has recovered and you still want to do another dip, please reduce the amount of dipping time when you do so. Also, you don't have to do another treatment if your Zoanthid is completely healed. I'm doing another treatment on mine just to make sure the ZoaPox is completely eradicated.
2nd WEEK
Day 1: 4th treatment started with 10 min dip
Day 2: 5th treatment started with 10 min dip
Day 3: 6th treatment started with 10 min dip