Need help on setting up a new 10 gal


I'm planning to setup a new 10 gallons aquarium, and I need some help.
I'm planning to have a purple tip sebae anemone, my question is would Hagen Aqua Glo Incandescent Aquarium Light Bulbs be enough lighting for the anemone? I read that this particular anemone needs a medium/strong lighting, are two of those Incandescent Bulbs enough? Also people have been saying to feed the anemone with silversides, what are those? And how do you feed them?
Another thing, most likely I will get a power head, wet/dry, the bulbs, and the heater, are those enough filtration and pumps?
My original plan is to put a clarkii/sebae clownfish, cleaner shrimp, a yellow tail damsel, lr and ls. Can I add firefish goby?
Do firefish gobies behave the same way like the golden headed sleeper? Do they clean the sand?
Also how often do I need to change the water? And how long should I let the aquarium to cycle before I put any life stock in it?
Thanks for reading, I sure hope you'll reply, I'll really appreciate it.


Hi there. It sounds like you'll outgrow a 10 gallon tank by the end of next week with all the plans that you have. My question to you is "why just a 10 gallon tank"? If money constarints is the answer, I would suggest buying a used tank....look in the classifieds sections "want ads" of your local news paper. There are a lot of good deals on used tanks out there. Godd luck and happy hunting!


jwtrojan44, I have done some research and I have done some reading too. Well from what I heard is that you better look for opinions from experienced hobbyist. Well since I thought you guys are, so I asked. I guess I was in denial, hehehhe, I knew that the bulbs will not be efficient, but why not asked. My friend and I are actually going to change the hood, and decided to get the fluorescent one.
billyv, there are some reasons why I do not want to get a tank larger than 10 gall. First there is the money constraint like you said. Also there is a space constraint, hehhee. Another thing is I like small aquariums, it looks nice, that's why I chose a 10 gallon aquarium. Also I have altered my plans, I'm just going to get the cleaner shrimp, anemone, clownfish, lr and ls, nothing else, and I think that'll be enough.
Oh I just found out that silversides are alive fishes. How do I feed that to my anemone? Can I feed it brine shrimp?


I have a 72 gallon w/ 4 vho lights. I was fairly new to sw when I tried anemones. My clown fish HAD to have something (I BELIEVED). After the anemone died, my clown fish after 3 days took to a soft mushroom leather and acted no differently! I may be wrong but IMO if clowns takes up w/ one item, he'll end up taking another (in my experience). I have 3 percs. Remember you won't be guarenteed that the fish will take the anemone, but lots of luck if you try it.(my leather I put in the front of my tank so I could always see the clowns, the anemone will sometimes pick his own spot (not being the best viewing area for you). :)