Need help with a 45 gallon reef set up

I'm currently setting up a 45 gallon corner stand reef. Got the live sand and salt, my question is what size powerheads do I need, should I use two or three with it being a taller tank? If I remember correctly u need 20-30x the gph of the size of your tank. I had a reef tank about 20 years ago, so I'm basically a beginner at this again. And do I need a hang on filter, or just a protein skimmer, since I will using some where around 50-60 lbs of live rock. Thanks in advance for any advice.


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I'd say at least 3 set in places they can flow into each other and maybe at different heights.


I used 5000L per hour for a 400 L tank so that's around 12x flow. I used two Powerheads. This is fine for soft corals and fish in my experience, also enough to keep waste from settling

Based on the last 6 months experience 3 would have been better for more varied flow
One more question. If I need say 1500 gph flow. Does that mean if I get 3 power heads, do they need to be 1500 gph each. Or do I need 3 power heads at 500 gph to total the 1500 gph?


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If it were me, I'd get 3 800-1000 GPH power heads. You can also get wavemakers that have adjustable, variable flow.