Need help with ammonia

I have had my tank for 5 years or more and everything has been fine recently we added an eel to our tank. I had been feeding him everyday for like 3 or 4 days. Soon after this time period i thought hmmm i wonder if theres any fish parts hanging out in his cave. I picked it up and sure enough fish heads came out. At the same time our star fish died. So needless to say we had an ammonia spike and i cant get it to fully go away. I have done many water changes tried a little bit of product to bring it down but i didnt want to over do it. Now my 5 year old puffer is sick and wont eat( and he loves to eat). Everything else is fine no nitrates ,nitrites and ph is good. What should I do and will my puffer make it?


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They are not just big Eaters but big waste producers too
You've not got enough bacteria yet to convert the new larger bioload added to the tank
Keep up the water changes
Your bacteria will eventually catch up if you have enough surface area for it to grow

Meanwhile use Seachem prime
This will detoxify ammonia. Nitrite & nitrates while your bacteria tries to catch up


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I agree with the prime. I use it routinely in my quarantines as long as I am not treating with copper. The detoxified ammonia may still give you a positive ammonia test for a while. it binds it up but doesn't get rid of it water changes will do that.