Need Help With Fire Fish


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I have both a 120 gallon salt tank and a 40 gallon salt tank. In the 120 gallon there are two purple firefish that are hardly ever seen, they are picked on by more aggresive fish. I would like to move them to the 40 gallon but it currently houses two clownfish and two red firefish. Is it ok to put the purple firefish and the red firefishy together in the 40 gallon tank?


I think it's okay to mix the colors of firefish, but I'd wait for a more professional opinion if i were you :)
Just wanted to say I love your town! I drive through there on the way to my grandparents and have always thought it was one of the cutest names ever.
I would go for it cause my firefishes school with a bar goby of mines and they dont attack him and they say they only school with the fish of there own kind so if it was me I would try it


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i ahve purple and red firefishes they dont really fight much, lol just the usual bickering but no bullying or anything