need help with my trigger

here is the deal, my undulated trigger that i have had for about 3 weeks has had the same two little white spots since i got him, one is on his left pectoral fin and the other just below it. any ideas what it is?? it hasn't spread at all the tank is a 125g with a niger and clown also with CC and LR (wet dry and protein skimmer sump)


Here's your excuse to get rid of the don't want this fish with any others. At some point, it will KILL the clown, niger & anything else in the tank. They are the meanest of triggers & are usually kept by themselves!
i know i know but the undulated is timid and the niger runs the show i already have plans to give him away, it is just that my mom bought him for me and i didnt have the heart to say i didnt want him, but i finally did and we are giving him to a zoo