Need help with Octopus start up.


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My favorite animal is by far the Octopus. I have always been so amazed by them, and have wanted one as a pet ever since I knew it was a possibility. I know they are hard to keep, and can be testy to say the least. But I have plenty of animal care experience, including salt water tanks. I currently have a completely empty and bare 55 gal tank. I'd like to start cycling and maturing this tank in preparation for a cephalopod friend. But don't even know where to begin with buying lights, filters, and all the other things needed to maintain even a small octopus. I have read a few care guides, but they all lack direct links or even pricing for buying the required set-up. ANY help or advice is appreciated!


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The basics are the same as any sw critter. Good filtration, good water quality and food. The 2 biggest issues with octo are life span and escape. They don't live very long and if eels are tough to keep in a tank octopus are ninja eels lol.
A fully cycled and mature tank with rock wrk is a good starting point tho.