need help with tank

tax lady

Well,long time since posting. I am at my wits end. I need someone that can come over to look at my tank. I live in SantaRosa Beach Fl. between destin & panama cit . I have broken my arm , am on oxygen and can't get anything done. tank is a mess and need you to look a it, test it and see what is all wrong. I know the alk is waaaaay off, probably wont' have anything living in a cople of days. If yo are interested, please reply or send pm. really would appreciate it.


Do you have a local reef club that has a web site? Maybe you could post a message there. Also try calling some local fish stores, maybe they know of someone or have an employee that would be able to help. Sorry.....wish you were closer.


I can't even find you on the am WAY too far, but was kinda hoping someone on here was close and it would ring a bell
I sure hope everything works out for you