need help


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I have recently started a soon to be reef tank. I am having a bad brown algea problem for the first three months it started out really good green hair algea only. then brown started everywere all over rocks, glass,etc. water tests good. not sure what to do.


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Do you have a cleanup crew in your tank and if you do, what do you have in there?
Can you please post your water params?


Sounds like you have your first Diatom bloom. Its not technically algae, read up on it. Since your tank is new, it doesn't have the necessary bacteria on the filter to "out compete" these diatoms.. Patience is vital here. It WILL go away. I was nervous at firs too. But no worries, maintain your water changes and nature will take care of itself. Hope this helps.


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I agree with errattiq, sounds like an intial diatom bloom. It will go away.
Keep it up!


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What are you using for source water? Diatoms is not algae but rather micro organisms. This kind of problem is usually an issue upon initial setup, not a few mos later. If you are not using RO/DI water, then that could well be the problem since tab water can carry the nutrients needed by diatoms to thrive.
What do you have for water circulation? Are you using a skimmer? What lighting are you using and are the bulbs under a year old?