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2 problems that have been driving me crazy, could really use some guidance on best courses of action.

Have a black trigger lost his eyesight due to a parasitic infection. His health is back to normal but it’s quite painful to watch him scavenge for food Not sure if euthanizing or letting him be is okay. It’s extremely hard to feed him. He seems to be doing okay though health wise breathing etc, he just eats by sifting sand and feeling his way around

the sand in my tank has became the biggest issue. I read that I wasn’t supposed to even touch the sand when cleaning I cleaned it anyway periodically and it still is just full of brine shrimp/food/substrate/debris no matter how many water changes I do. It makes me cringe to see the trigger digging through it. It’s a lot better after doing 2 water changes and adding some poly-ox

I’ve though of buying an electric siphon on amazon little pricy but i don’t mind. I don’t like seeing animal suffer. Wasn’t my intention at all and I was rather close with this little guy so I’m torn on what to even do. He’s alone too I can’t put anyone else in because the sand bed isn’t up to my standards. I should’ve went with gravel.
Any advice would be much appreciated. Turned into such a nightmare because of a parasitic sand bed
Tank has been treated already with medications, parasites are gone. Atleast I think.




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Lets start with the sand. If you have that much food left in the sand you don't have enough flow. You need some power heads to circulate the water and keep that stuff in the water column. Then whatever isn't eating gets removed by filtration.
2nd the trigger. If its eating it should be fine. I would try feeding tongs and feed directly. Shell on sw shrimp, sw fish cod, haddock, ect. Clams on the half shell. Try soaking the food in selcon aswell.


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my suggestion is remove sand bed and use bare bottom tank... bare bottom is always best for fishes as well as u to clean