need some help


I would say yes because the are the same shape,size, and from the same family Holacanthus. I have a blue angel and emperor angel in a 135 gallon tank and they get along just fine,


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To get these two to co-exist peacefully in a 125 gallon system you will need two things: first, lots of rock so that each can have a territory and a place to hide; and second, a tremendous amount of luck. Sometimes two fish will just kill one another, and yet an other pair of the same kind will become good friends. It depends on the personalities of the two fish, so you pays your money and takes your chances. But do have a plan "B" to activate should the two not get along.


I would not recommend adding these two together in your tank. First of all, the Queen Angel is a very large fish. Your 125 will not be large enough to house an adult Queen. The Queen Angel is also fairly aggressive toward tank mates, especially fellow angels. They can also be difficult to feed and should only be kept by very experienced keepers. Your tank should really be a minimum of 200 gallons to house a fish that reaches 17 inches like the Queen Angel. Hope this helps.