New 112 gl tank


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Well hello all
I need some help . I ask the guy at the store but thsy just want a sale .
So here it is
I have 112 gl tank thst is going to be saltwater . Now i have had 55 gl tanks be4 but now bigger ...right..
My questions are
Sand or stone ??????????
Canister or edge filters???????
Lights....led or the other crap??????


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Sand with lot of live rock for aquascape.
hang on filter
LED (my preference but either work)


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with a 112 gallon tank I would definitely go with a sump and viparspectra lights.
I actually like using aragonite from Caribsea as my substrate. Been using it for awhile now and have not have any issues. I'm sure your going to get a lot of answers. But remember, it's all opinion.


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My preference is using Pink Figi sand (not really pink) as a deep sand bed.
I agree with HeathS as far as a sump goes. That way you can put most if not all of your equipment (heaters, skimmer, etc) in the sump leaving your tank uncluttered.


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You may already have your filtration set by now. I have hang on back with Marinelands 350 with Bio wheels. I also have a Fuval 407 canister. I did add two extra filter inserts on the Marineland with Seachem bio filter media. You will never ever need to change out. All my chemistry is always at “0”.