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I just started my tank for saltwater (30gal) octogan, I started by checking for leaks of course then addded crush coral then tap water and ocean salt turned my pump on and let it cycle for 48 hours after that i added a 6lbs live rock let that cylce for 24 hours then added 4 damsels on 3/22/09 i have kids that want a couple of nemo's how long should i wait to add them in the tank and i might want to add some sea anemone how long before i could add those


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I can't wait to see the answers you get, I haven't posted much but I have read a lot I recommend that you do the same, I know your about to get some people going on this one. I am intrested to see what they say about the tap water, I am currently looking into a RO due to the posts I have read. Good luck


Well first Welcome to the boards.
The first thing you need to do is go to the new hobbyist forum. Click on it and then click on the first sticky. 101 tips for new hobbyist and give it a look. Scroll down to #29 and #30 being your tank is only up and running 3 days with fish in it.