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I have been in and out of reefkeeping for years and I am really excited to be back IN. I decided to set up a tank now while I plan and prepare to set up my dream aquarium, probably 175 gallons with the sump and equipment in the basement. I likely wont be doing much more than planning for another year or so.

4 Days ago I bought a used biocube 32 LED, the previous owner had very little success with it. he got through his cycle bought a nice zoa frag and a damsel but had major cyano problems and wound up giving up a few months later. Thats where I come in.

First things first, I brought the damsel back to the LFS. then I got the tank and all the equipment set it up , changed 50% of the water cleaned up the cyano. added a mp10 i had from my old tank in addition to the jebao wp-25 the tank came with. I also swapped the cheap heater to a true-temp titanium heater. and added a tunze 9001 skimmer next to the intank media rack. the cyano seems to already have cleared up for the most part. but the zoas are not opening, water parameters are good do they just need more time?

I also have questions about aquascapeing. I see many people pile rock against the back wall of biocubes, I like the look of it and how much more space for coral you get but wouldnt doing this create dead spots? I am not prepared to remove rocks and coral periodically in order to clean underneath and behind them. is there a trick to doing this style aquascape? or should i just make a nice island of rock in the middle? either way I think I want to add more rock..

I am seriously considering going BB I have always had difficulty keeping sand clean. any input on this would also be appreciated.




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