New bulbs,WOW what a diference...

mr . salty

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I just replaced my ???old,???k 175Mh with a new 10,000k blueline.WOW does that look better. I never thought the old one was that bad.I now also take back every bad thing I ever said about the blueline bulbs. I got two of them,as the price was right.And now will be getting another retro for the other bulb.Can't wait to see the improvement that two of these babies makes in my tank....HOW OLD ARE YOUR BULBS?????


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Steve what is the difference in appearance with the bluelines? Also, any benefits to tank, aside from appearance?

mr . salty

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These bulbs have a very bright and crisp white/blue light.LOT'S OF BLUE...These lights benafit not only my anemones,but lot's of coraline and other growth on my live rock.Plus it is beutiful.Plus the size and shape of these bulbs are fiferent.Regular MH bulbs are are kinda round,and very large.These are only about 1.5 inches in diameter,and about six inches long.Much more compact than regular bulbs...
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Does anyone have a guide as to how often we are to change our lamps? I don't run MH...but VHOs...
Any links or advice would be lovely. Thank you kindly.
IT is my understanding, as a rule of thumb: If you have a coil and tar ballast, change every 6-8 months. If you have an electronic ballast, change every 12-18 months. To be on the safe side change at the lower end of these parameters.
This is for VHO bulbs.


I use the blueline bulb and I love them. Like Mr Salty said you have the white and blue spectrum and it looks great. I am going to order another as it is time to replace my other bulb and I will replace it with the blueline. It's also available at a resonable price and I like it better than the German bulb.
Donna ;)
Some also recommend that you not replace all bulbs at once as it can be quite a jump in luminosity which can be a shock to sensitive corals, inverts, etc. I think that might apply if you have quite a few lights.