New Chemical Monochloramine


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I'm told they are going to start using this in our city water and we need to add a calgon catalytic carbon filter to our RO/DI unit because this chemical is harder to remove than chlorine. Has anyone else heard of this?


This wont help you at all but the title of this post would have been way better if it was titled My Chemical Monochloramine. Like the band.


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Originally Posted by Weberian
Where did you get the info about the c.c.c. filter that needs adding?
A respected LFS. I've heard differing opinions about this topic. Wanted to see what the general consensus was or if anyone else has dealt with this before. Thanks


My water company uses monochloramine in our water. I have always used regular activated carbon cartridges in my RO unit and have never had any problems.


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Originally Posted by MoneyMan
Monochloramine = chloramine
I think your LFS is trying to sell you something you already have.
Ditto ^

There's different kinds of chloramine, but monochloramine is what is commonly used in municipal water systems.