New chillie coral


My fellow hobbyist:
I just received my chillie coral today and after acclimation, I mounted it with super gel glue to a piece of fiji base rock, then I used some coral putty to mout it upside down to a ledge of one of my caves. About five hours later I am noticing these little yellow polyps begging to open, I thought they where supposed to be white and that they open only at night to feed. Is my chillie coral normal.


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Congratulations! It looks, even with the focus off to be very pretty. There are always variations in color. They are not night corals just low light coral. It will gladly open up in a cave.
As long as you have good water flow to the cave your chili should last a good long time.
Sounds like you did everything right!


Thanks Flower, I have been wanting this coral a long time but to be honest with you all corals scare me because they add another dimension of water quality you have to look for. But I am slowly getting my feet wet because I love the pop of color they add to my tank and they bring out the color of my little fishy too.
I read a magazine article that said the chillie coral should be feed at night when all the tank lights are out because thats when they extend their tentacle's searching for food.