New Fish stressed by tank mate


I posted a thread "Yellow tang Fighting with new arrivel" in Fish Discussion, but i'm not getting much response. Can you please take a look at it or tell me how I can best deal with a new fish being stressed by tankmates. I have a 2.5 inch French Angelfish being bothered by a similar sized Yellow Tang. I don't see any actual physical damage, but the TY hits the French with his tail whenever they get too close. The French has not participated in feeding for a few days, though he did seem to eat a bit this morning. He mostly hides out. He looks fine. His color is beautiful and unchanged, but he hides and doesn't join in swimming or eating with the others. What signs should I look for to know that he is seriously stressed? When should I consider moving the French back to the QT or should I consider moving the YT to the QT for a while. I'm mostly concerned with the apparent lack of appetite and whether he will deteriorate physically. Thanks


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Rich, you have gotten some good advise with this situation in the other topic.
The bad news is that these two fish are not going to be able to live together in your system. I posted more on your other topic, which I am also linking below for others to follow it over in the Fish Forum.
Good luck!