New Fish


Here's what I have currently in my 75 gallon FOWLR:
1. Hippo Tang
2. Cuban Hogfish
3. Clarkii Clown
4. Midas Blenny
5. 6 Line Wrasse
6. Yellow Shrimp Goby
7. Eibli Angel
8. 2 Blue/Green Chromis
I am thinking of adding a new fish. Possibly a Flasher Wrasse. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should get. Something compatible w/ the other fish in my tank...


Thank you, but my tank has mostly small fish and it looks kind of empty. I was also thinking of adding a few more Chromis so they school...


lyretail anthia, maybe one male and a few females. And your tang is of the paracanthurus family, a yellow tang is of the zebrasoma family. Tangs from different families should get along. Also, some people get away with more than one dwarf angel if they look disimilar. A bicolor angel possibly. You could also get a vermiculated angel. I would say it is more of a large angel but doesn't get so big so it wouldn't need a tank larger than 75. The angels I would only do if your tank has been running for quite some time and you have plenty of growth on your LR.


looks like your pretty well stocked. if i were you i would get like 5 to 7 more small chromis
and if its filler color your looking for try starting with coral.
Just a thought.