NEW HYBRED TANG!! I gotta have one!!!!

mr . salty

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This fish is the result of an Achilles tang gettin jiggy with a goldrim tang in hawaii.I have never seen or heard of this fish till I ran across it on another info site.The head and body resemble the achilles,while the tail is from the goldrim.This is one GOOD LOOKING FISH..If anyone knows where one can be had(money no object) please email me.....

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nm reef

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Thata a true beauty Mr. Salty.....good luck finding one for yourself.........if you ever do keep us posted........... :eek:


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Cool fish! I'll keep my eyes open for one. I can't have a tang in my tank so I'll let you have it if I can find one! lol
Dan'l :D


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Well I hate to be the downer to everyones oohs and aawws but it sounds like double trouble to me. While it is an extremely beautiful tang it is a cross breed of two VERY difficult tangs to keep.

mr . salty

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As i said,This is a brand new fish.They just discovered it in the reefs off Hawaii.I doubt if you could find it anywhere yet.But when avalible,I would like to be the first on my block to have one...


Well,to tell ya the truth, its not a brand new fish. I've known about that tang for about a year now. I've never seen a pic, but the Clown/Powder blue tang would be the best Hybrid. TJ


Mr. Salty- If you think you can do it get the same kinds of parents and try to get them to breed you one. Always worth a try if you want it bad enough.


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damn thats such a handsome fish :eek: i saved it as my wallpaper on my comp. good luck

the new guy

Hey Salty,
I just got back from my lfs and spoke with the owner, he said that he see's these fish on the big island all the time. He is currently looking for on for me and he said it wouldnt be much more than a Achellies(sp). I will let you know if I can get it or not and if you want it we can have him ship it to ya!
Later, Lee
Gorgeous fish. Now only if my tank was big enough. I like b_ball's idea. Maybe you can breed it but I think it would require a huge tank to get it done.

mr . salty

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Hey NEW GUY,,,That would be great. Alot easier than trying to breed them myself.From what I have read,It is a fluke of nature that they did it at all.Even in the wild..Probably impossible to do it in captivity...


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There is a whole sale only place in california that has these fish on there list. Unfortunatly like I said they are whole sale only. You may be able to contact them for some help on where to get one though. If you want the info let me know.