New Lionfish won't eat

Our new Lionfish won't eat, Is their anywhere that Live Silversides can be purchased, Any suggestions ????????????? John & Sherri
He is about 1 3/4", We received him 4 days ago & he hasn't ate yet, He looks at the dead Silversides But won't try to eat them, We purchased him thru an online fish dealer, Should we resort to Live Goldfish ??????????????????????? Thanks.....John & Sherri


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What kind of lionfish is he? Are you wiggling the fish on a stick? Do you have access to ghost shrimp or feeder guppies?
He is a Violiton Lionfish, Yes we had it on a stick & wiggled it head 1st at his mouth, he did eat it but quickly spit it back out, We also hatched live Brine Shrimp & he may have snapped at them but they were so small it was very hard to tell, can you tell us more about the feeder guppies,.....................Thanks, John & Sherri


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Very temporary solution, of course. But they are better than goldfish or rosy reds because their flesh does not contain thiaminase (an enzyme present in some raw fish that destroys thiamine, an important B vitamin).
If he's a stubborn guy, eventually offer freshly killed guppies to guppies that have been frozen and thawed. He'll be able to make the switch off guppies after that point.
Always offer him something frozen first with each feeding, before giving in to the live food


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At least yr getting a feeding response so that's a good sign. Ask yr lfs if they carry live ghost shrimp or guppies. They should go for around 10-15 for $1. Feeding with lights off or beginning of photoperiod works for me. Like Cranberry said when it starts to eat try dead or frozen shrimp or guppies next.


wow-- a 1.25" P volitans, these guys are difficult at this size.
Aquaguy24 is right on the mark, your best option is live ghost or grass shrimp, skip any fish except a guppies for a one inch long Volitans (just go w/ ghost shrimp)
I think Renee was heading that direction in her reply- but it seems omitted.