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It almost looks malnourished or something. Is that typical for the body to look so skinny at that age?


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Baby retics always look too skinny to me too, but that's their shape, reminds me of a noodle with a head but that's one HOT looking noodle!!! Grats.

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Originally Posted by Beth
Is that a new pet? What's the adult size?
Beautiful coloring.
It will grow to regular retic size. Amel is a different morph of an Albino. Its head will trun almost white while the rest of his body will stay the same color. The eyes are also a trait. Very Candy red looking.
She is very young. Born In Jan. Has eaten for me already and will start to gain some well needed weight in the next few months. Most Retics when born look as though they have extra skin and are pencil thick.
Give you an idea of how small she is.


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She's definitely very young. Beautiful markings on her. Over time, she'll be very well fed and happy being with you. Can't wait to see offspring later on. I'm sure you're going to end up with some great color combinations.