New Pics...Finally!!! (Graphics Intensive)


Yeah, it's been awhile (I don't know how MtnDewMan does it) but now that I have a moment, I thought I'd bring you guys up to date on a few of my newer accquistions. I have also included a couple of updates on some older stuff too.
This one cost me an armload of frags. An ID here would be appreciated, by the way.

Orange M. cap.

Another new M. cap. Came in grayish. Getting bluer.

True A. solyitariensis (according to Dr. Mac) Beautiful piece.

For those who may recall, my Tricolor went though a bleaching episode about a year or so ago. Finally now, it is returning to the intense purple color it originally had.

Same Tricolor with Daughter colony (already spoken for, sorry).

Detail of A. microphthalma corallites.

Acro-For-Days. Believe it or not, this came in as a hitchiker...nearly 5 years ago.

And finally, a shot of my Green Chromis 'bedding down' for the night between the branches of a large Acropora colony.

I shall now accept the curses of all those on dial-up. Sorry.


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I was thinking of cursing you for a different reason..........sheer jealousy. :D
Awesome as always Ivy........but, one problem.........I need more. :D
Eye-Candy cravings where under control for a while but, I have now fallen off of the diet.......I........I..........I need CANDY!!
Great stuff for sure.......thanks for sharing. :)


Ivy, what do I have to do to get a frag of that tricolor? That is seriously one of the most beautiful colonies I have ever seen! How long of growth is that on the daughter colony? I would do just about anything to get a frag!

nm reef

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Absolutely no complaints here....I'd gladly wait for those pics to download!!! always I am seriously impressed with the quality of your system.
All I can say is when my lil reef grows up it wants to be in the same league as yours!!It'll never approach the superstar quality of yours...but making the same league as yours would be a major accompolishment!!
Thanks for the view.....and anytime ya wanna post more go for it!!:cool: :eek: :cool:


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Those are some amazing pictures you have!
If you're interested in selling some frags, I would be highly interested. I would love a nice frag of that Tri-Color and/or the A. microphthalma, they're simply gorgeous! I would also pay for shipping.


I appreciate the kind words, guys. I recently gave the tank a fairly major fragging and overhaul (which allowed me the room to acquire some of the new things shown above) and will no doubt do another one in the Fall so please keep in touch. :)


The picture quality on those are excellent! THe tri colour is amazing. The purple in it is just outstanding!!!!!!!!


Dude, you were the co-creator/producer of one of the funniest sitcoms to ever air, Married with Children! You sir, are the man!!!!

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Looks great...are you not worried that the new Montipora Capricornis getting big like the last one that was removed? As I recall, it got so big that you had it removed by a local pet shop.



Originally posted by Richard Rendos
Looks great...are you not worried that the new Montipora Capricornis getting big like the last one that was removed? As I recall, it got so big that you had it removed by a local pet shop.

Nope. Learned my lesson and I'm much more confident in my fragging skills. The second either of them becomes the least bit unwieldy, I'll just prune them back down and be done with it...although I HAVE seen some stunning large red/orange caps....hmmmmmm...;)


MM... I believe that I have the same orange cap that you now have. I have found that it is certaintly light loving. If you get it in strong direct light it will turn extremely bright and become more pink. Here's your pics.


More...more...I need more. Love the pictures. Great website. Trying to convince the wife I need a viewing room now!


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ivy...very cool...i picked up a frag of an orange monti cap from a guy in denver, and i only hope it will one day look as spectacular as yours....
btw...if you ever want to trade or sell some sps frags, give me a holler!
good luck