New pics of a new tank


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hey ya'll here are a few new pics of the new 140. i think it coming along well.
still need lots of stuff but looks nice just the same IMO. but i'm not here for my opinion. i'm hear for yours!! any and all comments and suggestions are welcome



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Looking awesome, how mant tanks are running now? and arent you breeding clowns?? how is that goin?


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running 2 tanks and yes we are also breading clown.
going well so far. last batch is going through the morph this weekend about and still have several left. so i think we are getting the hang of this.
thanks for all the nice comments


Is that a potters leopard wrasse you have?
Im thinking about getting one. Will it be ok in my 55gal?
And do they need much care?
I had a blue star leopard but shes gone unfortunatly, is it much different, cos she was fine for a good 6 months.


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no this is a custom tank and there is actual blue glass used for the back.
at first when i went to pick it up i did not think i would like it
but now we love it. cant scratch it and even if it does its still blue.


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Beatiful Oceana!!
Can u post a fish list for me? And what did u do with your old 70gal?


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i sold the other tank to nemo lover.
in this tank i reall yhave a very small bio load.
hippo tang
yellow wrasse
ornate wrasse
6line wrasse
algae blenny
purple fire fish
Thats it
i know i can have more but for right now i like it like it is
other live stock is a serpant star and a few snails and hermits.
in tank we have approx 300 pounds live rock and 200 pounds live sand
under tank we have 30 gallon fuge. WAY over sized trickle filter for up to 300 gallons
no bio balls. convereted to hold approx 50 pounds live rock and 30 live sand
various macros. running 2 mag 18's for returnes that are routed to the five return heads in the tank. two down low two up high and one in center
aqua C skimmer running with a mag 9
newly installed 3x400 MH 20K radiums


Hey oceana, How well do the Ornate wrasse and the 6 line get along??? Which one did you add first???? I have a 6 line and he has been in the tank 7 months....its a 65gl. Could I do the ornate wrasse????