new pump problem


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Hey All! Im new to the forum and also running a saltwater tank. I recently purchased a 125 gallon tank that came with a cascade 1500 pump. Ive read and also had people at other aquarium stores tell me these pumps are no good. So I took the advice of a local fish store and purchased a aquatop cf500uv. For the price it seems to work well. The only complaint I have is since I started using it 2 weeks ago I haven't really been able to see in my tank thru all the bubbles it produces. With the cascade my water was really clear, now I can only really see 1/4 of my tank. The main reason I went with this pump is because I was told the uv would help kill the ick that has been killing all my fish. Any suggestions or help you can tell me about the ick or why my pump is making it so hard to see would be great!