New Puppy? What is it worth?


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Originally Posted by ImUrNamine
Why would you spend that much on a dog?....
I spent around half of that for rocks and sand to go in my aquarium....
It's all about the pet ya love...
Now, having said that, pure bred dogs scare me from a genetics stand point. If I'm gonna buy a dog it's gonna be one as close to the "real" thing as possible. All these fancy things running around have been so imbred (sp?) their DNA must look like spaghetti.


OK, I just have to post a reply to this topic.
I totally agree with the breeder and it makes total sense to me and I am used to it.
First of all, you have to ask yourself why you want the dog and why you want that particular breed. A serious breeder puts lots of time and money into their dogs, spent thousands putting them through shows to get their title (I know have 2 finished 2 AKC confirmation champions). Stud fees are high, vet bills, food time...etc. The list goes on.
Someone who TRULY cares about the puppies they produce will not only ask questions of potential buyers to screen for good homes, and they will not place their puppy with someone who they think is a good risk or is good enough for their breeding. I have bred 2 litters of Dobermans in my life and both times, they were cropped, docked, vacinated, de-wormed, and I sold them on either show terms or spay / neuter contracts. It protects the dog and the breed line that you have worked hard to achieve.
There would be nothing more of a sin if you had a top 20 dog in the country produce a litter, and then to sell a puppy to someone who then breeds it to their neighbors dog who just happens to be the same type of dog. Yuk. Oh god. A good breeders worst nightmare.
I have been studying my breed for over 20 years. I know the AKC breed standard, and what a good specimen is and what isn't. A novice does not know these things.
Addtionally, when I placed my puppies, I told every one of the people - if you for any reason can not keep the dog, I want to be notified and will take the dog back. If all breeders did that and meant it, then we should have less dogs that are uethenized or abandoned in the pound.
When you talk about price, I think a thousand dollars is cheap for any purbred dog that comes from a show line and the breeder cares enough about their pups to make a contract and wants to screen the buyers.
Most of my Dobes have been 6-800 for the first 15 years I was in the breed. The most recent purchase we bought was our show male, we paid $2500 for him. We purchased him on show terms. A pet dog out of the litter I think goes for about a thousand.
to be continued......


If people start wining about the cost of a purbred dog that is well bred and you can meet the breeder and the dam and sire, then I would want to question the person - why do you have an issue with it? Is it that you think the dog isn't worth it? Is it that you don't have adequate funds to purchase and care for the dog. Geez, a thou-to-2500 is cheap and nothing, when you consider how much money I have spent on their vet bills. I have had just about each of my dogs at one point or another have to go down to Redbank animal hospital where they do specialty surgeries that the average vet can't do. Each time I go, I always get hit with a 3 thousand dollar bill. Once it was for kidney stones that were lodged and stuck in my male dogs

. Another time one of my other Dobes tore apart a sweater and swallowed a sleeve. Another 3k to remove that - had to in order to save her life. She was blocked and it wasn't passing. My min pin has had regular checkups with his cardio doc, for his enlarged heart and heart murmer.
You can face bills like that if you buy a dog on death row at a shelter. You will, no doubt be faced with big vet bills eventually. But then again, there are scum bags that shouldn't ever get a dog because they put a max dollar on what they would spend to help their dog through a health issue. Or worse yet, the dog gets sick because they don't care for the dog right.
To me, the price and the trip is very valid and very fair because as a breeder, if anyone is serious enough to drive 5 hours and spend a thousand dollars on a dog and agree to spay/neuter a pet quality dog from a show breeding, that is probably someone that I would be interested in interviewing as a potential pet home.
Also, A komondor, due to it's hair and cordlike tassles, requires lots of care, I am sure that fleas love them, and it would take an extra serious person to own a dog like that.


Heck, when I go to pet shops, which is the WORST place to get a dog, I see them selling pet quality dogs that come out from the puppy mills and they are selling them for a thousand to 1500 bucks. You don't have the distance drive, but...all the negatives are you don't meet the breeder, you don;t get to see the mother or father of the litter, and you have no idea how the puppy was socialized and raised for the first 9 weeks of their life. What kind of breeder would just give their puppy to a pet shop to sell. Don't they care about the home the pup is going into.
It is rare that I breed my Dobes, but when I do - I don't care who I piss off, because people who have studied the breed, and know what goes into producing a healthy well bred litter, has certain standards for placing them into their new homes and won't budge on it one bit. I totally support them.
You have to decide why you want the breed. How much have you read about the breed, their care requirments, how big they get, how long they live, what health conditions are they prone to, what they are like to live with. And then you need to go to obediience or confimation shows and watch the breed in the rings, join a local chapter akc sanctioned club and talk to other people involved with the breed a long time. YOu will learn a lot.
Then, spend just as much time screening various breeders. Ask questions and run if they don't have questions for you or if they just talk money.
When I was placing my pups, some people would call and just talk about the price of the dog or make that the first thing they talked about. Or they would call and say that they want to buy a dog to breed to their brothers dog. You can sense and smell the ignorant people right away. When I get people like that, I ususally thank them for calling and tell them that all the pups are placed now, even if none of them are. I don't want people like that.
You need to decide if you want a pet dog or a show dog. Big difference in the agreement between the buyer and the breeders. And if you want a pet dog at a pet price, do not breed it or intend to breed it. There is a reason why the breeder has chosen the particular puppy to be designated as a pet pup. That doesn't mean there is anything wrong with the dog that would prevent it from becoming a great household companion and a good looking one at that, but the puppy has less than perfect or favorable aspects about the structure, coat color or fur legnth where the breeder feels that the puppy would not make it in the show ring. If they can't be shown to win their AKC confirmation title and be worthy stock amongst judges who must awared 15 points or more with 2 being majors, then the dog should not be perpetuated.
I don't mean to come down as a heavy - but I am just suggesting that you spend time studying the breed more and understand that purchasing a good dog that is well bred and the breeder cares, is worth a lot.
You also might want to contact one of the Komondor clubs from the AKC site. Often times you can adopt or purchase a rescue dog that may be an older puppy or young adult and it needs a home and all you need to do is to make a donation of some sort. Most rescue people also make sure that the dog is spayed or neutered before it goes to it's new owner. Another good move.
Here is a link to the Komondor page on the AKC site.
And here is Komondoric rescue with contact info. I don't know where you live, but I am trying to help.
And here is a senior Komondor dog available for resuce.
I hope all this helps. I am not trying to insult or offend anyone, just trying to be helpful to you...and to Komondor breeders.


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Originally Posted by bill109
think of gas prices
not going to be a cheap visit then you need aplave to stay unless you plan on traveling 10 hours in the car for a dog when you can pay the same price at a pet store
for the record my dog is about 13 years old dog years i remind you.. still kikin and everyoen thinks hes a puppy and clocked him running at about 20 MPH ***)
:scared: its crazy and i love em.. so its worth buying a dog for sure
20mph....nothing...I adopted a Greyhound...upwards of 60....I'll try and get some pics posted of her..


Thanks, Diane, I have read the information you posted, and I was wondering if they had a good experience with this breeder.


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okay so not 60..
Greyhound. Breeds of Dogs: A reference to the world of dogs. 2004. "When dogs became more than a means to a full cooking pot, the Greyhound excelled in coursing, and later track racing, hitting a speed of nearly 45 1/2 mph, maintaining its reputation as the fastest dog on earth. Only the cheetah tops him for speed in the animal world."
and Cheetah's only run 60 for short burst...They grey can maintain speed and go around 45 degree turns without slowing down..


Just my opinion, but you're a goober for paying for a dog. Either you're a goober or you have so much money you're willing to burn it on a "special" dog. Go pay for your dog, I hope it runs away and gets picked up by animal control, taken to a shelter and adopted by someone who really cares about an animal's well-being. You're being selfish by not going to a shelter.
Once again, just my opinion, love it or hate it.