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I know there are a few motorcycle riders here such as Daniel411 and TonyDetroit and others so I thought I would share my new toy. Just picked it up today. I was lucky enough to get the first one off the truck and it was the first one sold from my local dealer. I was tempted to ride it home but it was freezing today, can't wait till it warms up.


should have went with the R1 na i'm kidding nice bike gotta add a slip-on some lockharts and polish the swing arm frame handlebars and wheels
no stickers though and leave the rest stock maybe a solo seat cowl
beauty I am envious


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The R1 would have been nice but my driving record isn't totally clean and my already high insurance rate would have tripled, I can wait until hopefully in a few years it will go down. I get to ride my friend's R1 on a rare occasion anyway. It won't stay stock long, probably just long enough to break it in if I can wait.

tony detroit

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Nice. I'm going to try to get out to Beaver Run this summer, if you're game check out :
sportbiketracktime dot com
I think membership is 25 and the track day usually runs around a buck fifty or so. Best time you'll ever have. When we go out there I'll get in touch with you.


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hehe man thats funnny..... hahahahahahaha ohh man u funny..
but nas thats a nice toy u have there,, it''s al shinny!!!


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Thanks guys.
I'm definetly going to try and make it to Beaver run this summer, I've talked to Daniel about it some off the boards and I've really been looking to do some track time. The cold isn't so bad because it will allow me time to do a few things such as clean-up the tail before it hits the road.


Congrats Nick,
Thats one awesome machine you picked up! Absolutely beautiful. Will see you at Beaver-Run, tearing apart those side walls, and grinding down those feeler pegs and pucks :yes:


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Originally posted by Ross
nice bikes, take them over any sweet jumps

Is that a serious question or a quote from Napolean Dynamite?


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:thinking: uhhhh....a real question :notsure: :thinking:
naw i was just quoting. couldnt waste a good opportunity to quote napolean!



Originally posted by tony detroit
Here's how to pass the winter, courtesy of 007.

i know this pic was posted a while ago, but wasnt that awkward having all those children staring at u while some big adult sat on one of their toys and made motorcycle noises?