New Saltwater Tank :)


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Here's what i set up on 6/30:

Fluval Vicenza 180 40-gallon dark bow front glass
Marineland C-220 Canister filter
Marineland maxi jet 400 power head
Aqueon 150W heater
20# live sand
26# live rock
Water is perfect already, however I'm waiting it out for another week or so.

Here is what I'd like to potentially put in it:
Huma Huma Trigger (must have)
Purple Reef Lobster (must have)
Red Caribbean Pistol Shrimp
Cortez Rainbow Wrasse
Springers Orazure Damsel
Red Spotted Hawkfish
Aurora Shrimp Goby
Pajama Cardinal
Hancocks Barnacle Blenny

I'd appreciate any input. I know to introduce the Trigger last, however curious in which order I should introduce others.

I appreciate your advice and look forward to getting my fish family soon.

bang guy

I'm no expert on Triggers so please ask about the Huma Huma from someone in the aggressive forum. I'm just mentioning this because I would think a predator like a Huma Huma is just going to eat everything on your list once it acclimates to your tank.

I think you'd have a rockin' display without the Trigger though.


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I've had a Hula Huma before in an aggressive setup before. It did well with my Hawkfish, Goby, lobster and such. He stayed towards the top.


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I agree w bang. Its not always the case but there one of the triggers w a rep for inverts. Tank mates is 50/50


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I think a 40 gallon tank is too small for a trigger as we'll. 180 gallons is the minimum tank size. They get to be 10" and cramped quarters will make any territorial fish more aggressive.
I agree with Bang. Minus the trigger, you have a great plan.


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I appreciate the input. I will put the Trigger off until my next tank.

In another forum, I was warned against the wrasse being too aggressive. And perhaps the Hawkfish as well. Opinions please.


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Wrasse, and hawks are all fish dependant lol. Meaning it seems to come down to each particular fishes personality. My six line was a well behaved wrasse. Others say there nasty. My pygmy hawk was very well behaved. Now my only semi aggressive purple pseudo is nasty as hell.


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In my previous tank, my Hawkfish was pretty shy. I've never had a wrasse. Looking forward to having them.

Still cycling.
This forum is all I've got for now.


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I've had a few wrasse. Other than being jumpers, no issues. I lean towards fairy wrasse tho. The color variety is amazing


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As all others have said it really depends on the Hawks personality I suppose....I had a falco hawkfish who was a jerk to any fish I put in...especially a watchman goby I added he picked his fins clean off wouldn't leave him alone for a dad has a longnose hawk who is aggressive towards certain fish but not others...and my brother has a flame hawk who is fine with anything so far

I'd get a flasher wrasse of some sort :~}


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The purple reef lobster is a beautiful animal and if you've had one before you already know that once it's in your tank, the chances of seeing him/her again are nil at best. They are extremely reclusive and only search for food where they can stay hidden. I had one in my 72 and I thought it died until I tore the tank down 8 months later and found him alive and well along with two other shrimp I thought had died.