new skimmer


just got a new skimmer today a reefoctopus 100ss it seems pretty well built and such it didnt come with much in the way of instructions at all. If anyone runs one of these your advice and knowledge of what to expect and best ways to fine tune this skimmer would be great. as of now i pulled all the sponges out of the skimmer.


I think thats the same model I have on my 55g. It is a hang on back correct?
I felt the same way about the instructions, luckily there isn't much to put together. It will take a couple weeks for it break in and get consistent. One day mine wouldn't pull anything and the next day the cup would be half full. Right now I keep my cup about 1/2" from the bottom position.
One thing to note is that it will produce some microbubbles, I don't think there is really any way to fix that.


Nice looking skimmer. I just went and looked at it and like it. I have an Reef Octopus Extreme 200 Protein Skimmer for a 125g and love it. I think you will like yours. Not sure why it isn't pulling as much as you would like. Might be the depth the tube and pump are into your system.
Sounds like the previous poster might know better with having knowledge on it.