New tank- 29 gal nano- simple and easy


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To avoid the compulsion of 'going big' as experienced in the past, I want to get back in the hobby with something affordable and easy to maintain. I have a 29gal nano tank that I'd like to set up. In my head I like the idea of approx 30 pounds rock, a rose anemone, a clown fish or two, maybe a fire shrimp and small coral (zoos, polyps), with a emperor 280 on the back. Not sure about sand or crushed coral, or lighting I'd need to support this. I'm seeking suggestions or pics of similar tank setups. Thanks in advance!


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If you get like a 29 gal jbj or the Bio cubes, they come with the lighting. Sounds like you just want softies, so the stock lighting would be fine.
It also comes with it's own pump. Some people upgrade the pump. I have the 12 gal jbj nano cube and it comes with a 900, but I think I upgraded to a 1200.

good luck and post pictures !