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After moving from state to state and completing college, my fiancé and I have purchased a home. I always promised myself when I settled down and bought a home, I would start up another reef tank! (I have missed this hobby so much!).

With all of that being said, i am in the very beginning planning stages. If anyone has equipment suggestions, anything would help! I honestly have not kept up with the advances in the Industry. So now I am researching, and open for suggestions!

I have started a list of the equipment that I am wanting. If anyone has any issues with the items I want to start with, please let me know why. All opinions and suggestions are welcome. We close on our house on the 17th of December, and I plan on picking up the tank and stand that week. I will be looking at equipment, and making a solid plan until tax season in January, and then I will make an order to purchase my equipment. As of right now, I just made a "cart" on Marine Depot, just so I could see all the products together. But when I am ready to order, I will be price matching on different sites to get the best deal. (If anyone has any sites they like to order equipment from, let me know! Same with livestock... If anyone has a site they like to order from, fill me in!).

I honestly have NO idea what I want to do for lighting... I need help in that department.

I am going with a 120 Gal. Aquarium

Here is what I think I want to start with...

API Filstar XP Canister filter, L (Up to 175 Gal)

2x Colbalt Aquatics Neo Therm 200 watt aquarium heater with LED display

(I have NO Idea what to do for lighting... Im having trouble. HELP)

2x Hydor Koralia 3g Third generation circulation and wave pump 1350gph

Reef Octopus Classic 150 EXT Recirculating protein skimmer

Marine Dept KleanWater Basic RO Systen- 100GPD

160lbs of Black Hawaiian sand

20lbs black Hawaiian live sand

50 lbs eco dry rock

100 lbs live rock

Red Sea Coral Pro Salt Mix

Red Sea Foundation Pro Multi test kit


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I’m wanting to eventually keep hard and soft corals. I know that’s down the road a bit, but i want a set of lights with a good timer, to get my tank off to a good start.