new tank now what?


i got a new tank
how do i start it without an extreme cycle i filled the tank and i put in two gallons of water from my other tank that is a hour and a half away.
how long wil it be before i can transfer all of my 20 gallon to this one?
what else do i do?


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Transfering rock and sand (provided you keep it "alive" for the commute) will aid in speeding up or completely negating a cycle.
You want your old water so that your animals won't be shocked by new water. For cycling purposes, however, it's all about bacteria in the rocks and sand.


pull some gravel/sand and rock from the main tank and put in new tank add new sand. Tank will cycle but at a much safer level. I started a 40 from a 20 this way. ammonia went up to .025 nitrite .25 but zero in 3 weeks.