New Tank Plumbing- Help!

I am new here and am setting up my first marine aquarium. I have read cover to cover The Concientous Marine Aquarist and been browsing online forums and such for about a year and a half now. Soo, now I am going for it! I just bought the following:
125 gallon Oceanic Natures View Tank
Turbofloter 1000 Skimmer
2 Tidepool SOS overflow boxes
combo actinic flourescent light/ high intensity incand. light hood
20 gallon glass tank (already had) for sump
Dolphin DP-900 submersible/ in line pump for return
I am setting up the plumbing this week and have the following questions:
What is the best way to plumb from overflow boxes to sump?
What is best way to plumb from sump back to tank?
Do I have to use special silicone to (repair where original seal is pulling away a bit) on my sump aquarium?
I am very handing with plumbing and mechanical things, just looking for some design advice. I just can't seem to find a diagram anywhere. The local fish store just has pvc elbows returning water to their tanks, but it looks kinda ugly to me.
All suggestions appreciated!


Wow~ Nice equipment!
Well, go look in the Equipmnet-DYI section. There are a few threads dealing with overflows & returns. You can also do searches on this BB.
I share your opinion of PVC pipes being ugly. Funny, others do find it more attractive. Go look on the website of Broomer5 for a nice design.
You migth want to think about a refugium as well since you haven't setup anything yet.
Use the special aquarium silicone. Better be safe than sorry (is only a coupel of bucks anyway).
Good luck & have fun!