New tank shopping list!


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Alright guys, on Tuesday im going to go buy the initial things to set-up my 10 gallon nano. That is of course barring any setbacks from that bothersome hurricane Ivan thats out there. I live in Miami, so it may slow me down. Anyways, I need a shopping list to take when I go to my LFS. So far I'm planning on getting these things:
PS: This will be a fish only tank, maybe some shrooms later
1. Tank (10 gallon, glass)
2. Penguin Power filter 125 (any suggestions on this would be appreciated, if anyone knows of a filter that is as good and quieter!!, please let me know)
3. Between 10 and 15 pounds of LR
4. LS (exact amount still unknown, again some suggestions would be greatly appreciated)
5. A thermometer (suggestions please)
6. As far as lighting, suggestions are welcome, but I am planning on getting a corallife lighting fixture later for the shrooms. I just the lighting on Tuesday to be good enough.
7. I dont think I need a heater, thermastat is always at 75 in the house.
8. Salt for the water
9. Test kits (which ones will I need?)
Thats all I can think of, but please if u guys can think of anything, please post it. Again, this is only the list for the cycling period, later Ill get anything else Ill need once I get the fish.
I plan to keep two percula clowns eventually, a shrimp, and a blue hermit crab.
By the way, what is a clean up crew made up of? I guess Ill need one of those too.


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1. I would buy the cheapest 10 gallon you can find. I see them at petsmart for like 9.99.
2. I would go with an aquaclear 200 or 300 with surface skimmer attatchment.
3. At least 10 lbs 15 would be better.
4. I say go with a shallow sand bed because with the surface area of the tank it will not be too beneficial in the denitrification process. Probably 15 lbs will be plenty.
5. I say get the coralife digital around 6.99 online.
6. I definately say go with the powerquad 96 watts with the mounting legs. That will give you room to work with for most anything you want to keep minus clams and some sps..
7. I would get a 25-50 watt heater just to be safe you can get them online for about 15 bucks or cheaper.
8. I just changed to Oceanic salt and is working great so far.
9. Salifert test kits are the best a little pricey. I say get the Red Sea marine test kit will run you aroune 25-30 bucks online. Then get a phosphate, calcium, and alkalinity test kit from salifert.
I would buy no livestock until your tank is done cycling which usually takes anywhere from a week to a month. Your test kits will help you with that. After the cycle you could add one fish and I would defenitely add a nice cleanup crew. I would get about 5-10 hermits and 5-10 astrea snails and maybe some nassarius (sp.?) snails. This will keep your tank looking spic and span. Do not add the fish together because it will probably raise your bioload over the limit. You need to add one then wait two or so weeks and add the other. The shrimp I would add last becase they are the most sensitive to changes in water chemistry which you will get the hang of eventually. You will also need something to measure your salinity. In the long run you will save money by going ahead and buying a refractometer they will run you around 45 bucks. I say this because I have broke 3 hydrometers in the past year and I just got me a refractometer and it is great. Sturdy and a 2 year warranty.
Email me for the best places to buy online. I totally recommend you buy your stuff online it has saved me hundreds of dollars. Any other questions just post them. And some advice if this is your first tank.
READ, READ, READ, and READ some more. Good Luck!!


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Originally posted by cliffrouse11bas
You can get the powerquad for $88. Well worth the money..

I agree - also - in terms of water set-up since it is a small tank you might try some of that catalina water that comes from the ocean. they come in five gallon boxes - mix that and a 5 gallon bag of oceanic and you'd be stylin (plus you might shorten your cycle).
Good luck!


I found that 20 lbs of sand is great for a 10 gallon. Also, make sure you get a heater. Any tropical fish usually likes between 78-82 degrees. Sounds like you'll be off to a good start come next week.


I agree with the 20lbs of sand does the trick for a 10g. I just setup mine and that is how much i used and it gave me a great bed. Also with the rock I ordered mine off line and got 16lbs of it, but atleast 10lbs I would say. a little more would help your cycle. Plus a good investment in MOP is a book called The Conscientious Marine Aquarist by Fenner. It helps with lots of the little questions and problems you will probably face at the start. Good luck!!