New Tank...using black sand...sifted but...

I have a new tank I am using black sand in, it was dry sand not live, I sifted it with water before putting in is still alittle black it okay??? What should I do???
Actually the more water that I add to the tank the more black the water becomes, I spent alot of time rinsing it before hand...I don't know what to do? Any thoughts would be so appreciated!


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So I am a little confused. You said that you are using black sand? And now it's black and you don't like that??
I don't think that you're going to get the black out of it?


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The sand has to settle. The water is black from the particles of sand. Give it a little while it should clear up. There is a bacterial film that will develop on the sand particles that will "bind" them together so they are not floating around.
Sorry if I was unclear rlablan with my post, I am thrilled to have the black sand, but was worried about how it discolored the water after I put the water in the tank. I did use a small strainer to flush out the sand before I put it in but was still worried about how it was looking. I have never used black sand before and this effect hadn't happened with the white sand. '
Spanko, thank you for the information. I left the tank running with a powerhead through the night and it has settled but the walls are discolored and there is a film on the sides and top of the water from the black. I hope this is okay, I am starting a seahorse tank so I am trying to be extra careful not to introduce anything into the system, which is why I bought the "dry" sand for this tank versus the "live" sand. I just hadn't had this happen before...