New to Saltwater need help.


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Ok so yesterday i started my saltwater tank. It is a 75G glass tank. I bought 80 pounds of live sand. 20 pounds of Live rock (will get more as i can afford). So i took and put all the sand in the bottem. No i didnt wash it because it said i did not need to on the bag. :( then i filled up the tank with water and added salt. Then i know this is not the best filter for saltwater but i wanted to save money and had an extra cainister filter for a 150 Gallon tank, a Cascade 1500. I set it up with the following. bottem-up (filter pads, poly fiber, carbon, small live rocks, then more poly fiber. I aslo have a power head running. So i did this all yesterday at about 11am. Currentlty is still very couldy but i dont really see any thing floating in it anymore. Salt level is a 1.024 and temp is 79F.
well hope someone can help me.


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Give it time. If you add anymore dry sand rinse it first with fresh water. Then add it to the tank. Rinsing DRY sand removes the light particulate. It should in time clear up.
I use a refugium so can't help with the canister


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Yep, time is all you need right now. It will clear as the salt fully dissolves and the particulates filter out. You'll want to change the filter pads after it clears up, but the way you added salt does tend to cloud up the water for a couple days.
Patience, good friend. Patience.


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When my grandson set my tank up, he did the same thing with the sand. It took about a week or a little more for it to clear up. Just give it some time, it will settle down.


Just so you know, unless the sand was very wet and not in a sealed bag, it isn't really "live". You should have rinsed it. It's ok though, as mentioned, just let the filter run. It will remove the excess debris.