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Hey everyone. I'm new to the salt game. I've been doing FW for about 16 years and keeping monsters for about half that. Just got a new 75gal setup for xmas and the lady wants SW, specifically for a zebra eel. Im running an fx6 filter but wanted to know more about circulation in the tank. Currently the returns are pointed one up towards the surface and the other pointed straight out from the corner. Do I need to add a pump on the opposite side? And if so what gph and which direction should I angle it? I have about 50lbs of dry and live rock and 80lbs of live sand. Just want to make sure the parameters are good before spending a ton of money on livestock. Thanks!!


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Unfortunately while an fx6 is a good filter, canister filters are horrible for sw. They essentially become nitrate traps. Your much better off with a hob. Such as an aqua clear 110. The issue, however with an eel the tank needs to be escape proof. The easiest way to do that, is a sump