New upgrade and build begins ! eeek


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I don't know why really, but I suppose the fish & corals need more room. The current tank has filled quickly.
The fish are growing fast and we are selling corals right left and center to create room. We thought it would tank forever to fill this tank, but it appears we are slightly more addicted than we thought.
We are now upgrading again ! eeeek

This will be a much harder upgrade than the last. , the tanks were in different spots in the house. Easy to set up and move over.
This time, new tank is going in the same place as the old. Not easy at all.

So we are going from our 12 month old 7 x 2.5 x 2.5 peninsular to a new 8 x 4 x 2.2. Peninsular

The build is taking some time to plan so we have requested a start date of mid January to give us time to work on the logistics.
We have to have it built in our home as it is too large to easily transport & lift.

So plan is, we have to somehow move the current tank about 12 feet out the way, against a wall and continue to have that running for a few months, while we plumb, scape.
Have not quite worked out how the hell we are going to do this, we are after minimal disruption to the stock.

We actually taped the new tank out around the old tank on the floor last night, and wow this is going to be some bloody move.
The white tape is the new tank (little hard to see on tiles) , and clearly you can see the current tank in the pics.
Any suggestions on how to move current tank would be greatly appreciated.

Will post pictures of the build as we go.