New zoas!!!


I found a new fish stor by my work and was amazed by the selection and pricing. I picked up 5 small zoa frags all for $3 each! I also got a small xenia frag for $4 and a bag full of macro algae for $5.
Here's what I got (sorry for the blurry pics, using an old sony 1.3 megapixel
These are actually two frags, i'm going to seperate them later...

Orange centers w/ green tips (way brighter in person)

Top frag is just common brown w/ green center
Bottom frag is really neat, four colors. Light orange center w/ red ring almost white background and bright orange tips

Xenia, already pulsing away!


Not sure on actual names for any of them.
He's ordering some steel blues, pinks and blood reds for me which should be in next week...


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Not many polyps (2nd and 3rd pic) BUT they usually spread quickly and if my LFS sold them for that much I would buy them also. My LFS sells nice zoa frags for $25 - 40 but I would deffinelty go for less polyps for less money and let them grow.


Yeah, he has frags about 3-4 times the size of the ones I bought for about 3-4 times the money I paid, so still a good deal.
I plan on going back soon for more!