Newbie 29gallon


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Hey guys I just got my first 29gallon. I've done some research. I live in TN. I used tap water and mixed 12 cups of salt into it. My home shop said to add the live aragsand after the water which was so dumb I knew that would make it cloudy. I also used prime, and a decholrinator. I have a corallife skimmer/filter combo. I got a cheap hydrometer which I know is beginner stuff refracts are the best. My specific gravity is at .023 12 cups in 29 gals is that fine? Am I doing things right? Getting some live rock tomorrow also, should I get a pair of clowns first or some frags? Thanks!


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First off, you should use r o water. Tap water is full of stuff you just don't want. Especially if you want coral. Once you add your live rock you need to test your water and watch for it to cycle. Only after that is it safe for anything.


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While you are watching it cycle you need to ghost feed to keep the bacteria alive and slow more to grow.
The reason you add sand after salt water is the fresh water will kill the bacteria that makes it live. It will clear in time.
You won’t be ready to add fish for probably 4 weeks. Like Jay said no tap water only RO. With a 29 gallon you can probably get by with buying it 4-5 gallons at a time some for topping off evaporation and some for mixing salt water for water changes.


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1.023 is good. If you decide to get clownfish, be sure that the are a matched pair. Otherwise, one will likely harass the other to death.


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I would add some macro algae in a refugium and let things settle down for a week or so. Then add a single male FW molly to cycle the tank. Don't add food for a week then start feeding 1 flake per day. After that you should be able to safely add marine only fish.

The refugium is just a separate area/container to keep the macros separated from the livestock (they eat the algae). All you need is just a 1/4 plastic grid (egg crate) for form a partition. And some horizontal side lighting to get the macros growing.

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