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soooo ive been dying to start fragging but i dont wanna start something that i really dont know much about ive read up on it but i want advice and tips from people that have done it or that are doing it. i have a 20x 16x8- 3/8" rimless acrylic tank.
so plz plz plz any help is highly apperacited :D



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What are you wanting to frag? There are different techniques for different types of coral. Most soft corals can be sliced with a razor - but there are certain ways to cut them. Most LPS can be broken in twain at certain junctions and most SPS corals can be cut with bone shears and glued to plugs... there's also different mounting techniques for different corals.
May I suggest reading a good book on the subject... : Coral Propagation by Anthony Calfo
If you had a specific coral in mind, it would make answering the question a little easier.


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sorry ive been lost lol but the coral that i wanna learn how to frag right now are acans and zoas
and i just bought the book on ebay :)

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I'm not sure where the OP is from, but if you are within driving distance from Pittsburgh, PA, Anthony Calfo, Steve Pro, and others will be doing their yearly demonstration of fragging technique at our local reef club. Last year they covered most of the major types of corals and our reef club members have kept us up to date as how their frags were doing.