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Welcome! Here are some things your gonna need! Live sand, dry Or live rock, hydrometer or a refractometer, filters, heater, thermometer, wave makers, and you want to make sure your tank is completely cycled before adding your first fish! There are more thing you can consider which will benefit your tank like a protein skimmer, refugium whatever lighting you decide to use


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55 gallon fish tank is a great choice for a starter and for those who wants to get creative, as there is plenty of space to fit in some larger fish. Most probably you'll have to expect to pay around $200 or more for a new 55 gallon one but it depends if you buy your equipment separately. You'll need filter, heater, lights, UV sterilizers and automatic fish feeders. To set up your new 55 gallon tank, you usually start at the bottom and work your way up. This means the first thing to do is add the substrate. And before you add fish, you first need to turn off the aquarium light and let the plastic bag float on the water’s surface for 15 minutes, to acclimate the fish to the new temperature.
the only semi confusing part of all of this is the testing and problems you and your tank will go through, for example, yesterday my pump started pumping more then my overflow could handle and the tank was about a centimeter away from overflowing.


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Welcome to the forum! There are special sections on the forum where you can find topics with everything necessary and useful for your aquarium to your taste!
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55 gallon tanks are great if you are starting out and looking to get creative or try different things. You will need a filter, heater, thermometer, lights, cleaning equipment and substrates. Some rocks or other decorations you want to put in and ofcourse, the fishes.