mr . salty

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You have been around here long enough to know that posting online links are a NO NO..That is why I deleated your post...Please keep this rule in mind when posting information..THANK YOU...


Question, Mr Salty....
Where do I go to share useful information with others on this board about products that are not available for purchase here?
I thought about why you deleted my post, and I realized that the site sold other items too, for that I appologize, but how can I get people in touch with someone that has a good, hard to find, and not available here, product?
I am sure that you can see that my intent was good, and I am sorry if I broke some rule.

mr . salty

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You can email the info to interested people,But the catch is that even posting that you have this info,email me if you want the link, is against the rule..So this must be done outside the BB...Sorry,but these are the rules...