Nike's 34g DSA Neo-Nano


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System Specs:
DSA 34g Neo-Nano 24.5" x 24.5" x 14"
Dual 1" overflow boxes
Cascade waterfall return via Mag 9.5
4x24w T5-HO
1 reefbrite led supplement
10g sump/refugium
Vortech MP-10 for flow


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ordering it next week. I'm finishing the stand and sump first. Just wanted a deeper tank with a better aquascape. got tired of putting frags in the sand lol. and plus my tank almost overflowed the other day cause my cpr skimmer got clogged for some reason. time to upgrade :]


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I'm excited too! I've been wanting some depth for awhile! wood was cut today and will start the building tomorrow
That's an awesome looking tank. Are you planning to cover it with anything? I was just thinking that covering the tank with say eggcrate would take away from its beauty. At the same time, got to prevent fish from jumping....


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here you guys go

and heres a small update to the 10g, 99% sure im done with bryopsis. cured of zoa pox and my deepwater zoas are happy

sorry for the blurryness, i need to clean the glass, but the magnet hits the frags so its annoying


The stand looks great bro... Looks very sturdy too... so now you can sleep well at night! haha.
Finish it up!


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you will need to reconsider the pump selections. a mag 9.5 is waaaaaay too much flow for the DSA. your water wont cascade and sheet out of waterfall, it will bubble and gurgle.
the most you can do is around 500 gpm, FYI.