Nissan 3g Pico Diary!!!!!!!!!!!!


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No you guys are fine I mean you are only insulting my freaking girlfriend of 5 years who is to be my god damn wife, Nissan I'm really freaking suprised.................. I think I am done talking to you. F you all


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bro i swear to god that wasnt me! i didnt write that. i cant even edit my post. idk whats going on with my account!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thats not my account!
look my tag is Nissan577
thats Nissan577.
I find this situation messed up and amusing. Glad your taking it in strides Nissan or Carlos. If you're in Florida does that mean you are Cuban?


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Originally Posted by meowzer
....I would find out which mods are on right now....and contact them too
nope Meowzer you are fine as well as Nissan, I've already contacted the administrater and am now contacting the moderators.