nissan577 aka Carlos is back!!!!


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Well I spoke to lois and henry (spanko) and Florida joe :) they are doing great. I spoke to them 3 days ago :) lol I miss all of you guys!!!!! I hope we can bring everyone back :) it will be great.

I love my new little tank. I just order the new IM desktop reactor to run rowaphos and I have the mid size for carbon. :) lol
I miss the old group too. Krista sounded so familiar, yes Gemmy is around here often. I have discovered (thanks to beaslbob) macroalgae, the stuff is like magic, it only costs $10.00 for a pint, and keeps the parameters pristine. I no longer keep corals, except for some mushrooms. I keep seahorses, and they are so messy and wasteful when the eat, polluting everything... the macros keep the tank clear of phosphates and nitrates. I don't even run a skimmer anymore. the carbon I do still use, but I removed the phosphate reactor altogether.


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Really? I have a fuge in the back with chaeto but I'll still be running rowa for phosphates. Not a lot but some. They told me do bio pellets but idk if I should