Nitrite Trouble?

Jonathan Mejia

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Hello everyone,

I have been doing a fishless cycle for a month now, my ph is 7.9, my ammonia is 0.50ppm, nitrite is around 2.0ppm or 5.0ppm cant really tell the difference the test looks similar to both, and nitrate is 0.20ppm.
I have been using the api saltwater master kit. When testing nitrite, after putting the drops in, the water turns dark blue for about three seconds and instantly turn purple. My questions are:
1) Is the nitrite suppose to turn purple basically right away? If nitrite is too high, how do I lower it?
2) Is my tank close to being cycled? If so how long?

This is going to be a seahorse tank. I was wondering if I can apply stability and prime to get the ammonia and nitrite down.


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Api is notorious for reading nirate high. Red sea or salifert are a better test. You could have a lfs test it for u aswell