No room for modesty


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Changing the culture of a company from autocratic to one that focuses on the development and education of employees. Then providing the correct employees with the authority and responsibility to do their jobs to the best of their ability, and to reward them for their successful efforts.
I have worked for the same person for 21 years now as a General manager in a manufacturing facility and as president of a contract service company. The above scenario has been successful in both companies.


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tough question but good one.
I would say I am very good at teaching. And being a people person, I find it very easy to get a long with anyone. Part of my job is PR finesse, but its not something I really ever had to work at. Being personable is something that just comes natural.


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Can not saay what I am good at here not an ADULT forum. Lets just say wifey VERY HAPPY. Before getting Epilepsy I gave the DOT fits with the way I ran yet it was legal to the sense they would have needed a cray to figure out how I was doing the runs I did.


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design, decorating, sketching, and sculpting. I am an artist, and I am damn good at it.
I've never actually said that out loud.... felt good!!!! Thanx reef!!!