Now i've done it!

Finally got up the gumption to take my favorite fish (dog face puffer) back to the lfs. Was theonly fish in my 75 gal. bowfront tank (for those that remember). Was getting alittle tired of the nitrate issues, not having a cleaner crew, etc. So I have emptied and cleaned the tank, ordered a 50 .lb box of Fiji LR (for $100, thought that was a good deal. No shipping cost)
Plan to use my fluval 404 for mechanical only, skimmer, and DSB. Working on the lighting issue as I plan to go with VHO's due to heat and money constraints. Anyhow, i'll be moving this bad boy over to reef over the next couple of months.
Really took alot for me to give the dog face back, had to have the woman do it while I was at work, they are by far my favorite fish, but was getting a little tired of constantly cleaning the aggressive tank while my 37 gal. reef needed very little maintenance.
Just wanted to announce my new development to the bb. C-ya's 'round


Marauder, is that cured rock? If so, could you hook me up with an addy. My e-mail is
Yeah its cured but the kicker is its my lfs that is ordering it for me. 2 bucks a lb! man that rocks (note the pun) They are re-stocking and I happened to get in just when they were ordering, so they tacked on an extra 50 lbs at cost.
i helped them land, or rather, aqua scape a couple of their NFS tanks awhile back and they owed me.


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What an awesome deal! Sometimes the ol' barter system is still the best!
Best of luck with the new reef. With your experience it should be a good one.
Take care,
Dan'l :D

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Keep us posted on the project progress......heck of a deal on the lr.......those things are rare but do happen........a month or so ago.while at my favorite LFS(110 miles on way....local.....yeah right).....the owner was tellin me about 2 tanks he took back in trade on a new system for one of his regulars(a 220 reef....and a 75 fo)...any how all the lr and ls was still there(took 'em both in the night before..)...everything was still covered in a layer of water.....he sold me several lbs of the best rock real cheap and gave me about 25 lbs of the sand for free..........needless to say he gets a lot of my business....even more so now....... :cool:
Yeah, its a great deal. Ill gather some pics and post the progress soon as I either get the page built or link from my buddys page. I'll keep the bb posted, thanks for the encouragement. We'll see what happens.
Later, ;)